AI-Driven SEO Insights from Google’s Leaked Documentation

In the wake of a massive leak purportedly showcasing over 2,500 pages of Google’s internal documentation, the SEO community stands on the brink of a great insights into the intricate workings of the world’s dominant search engine. The documents unveiled by Rand Fishkin and Michael King, believed to detail the mechanisms behind Google Search, offer […]

Agentic AI: When to Choose AI Agents vs GPTs for SEO and Why

Table of content: Understanding agentic behavior Understanding GPTs and AI Agents deeply Criteria for Choosing the Best AI Agent/GPT for Marketing AI Agents are more powerful than GPTs Understanding Agentic Behavior AI and SEO are complex fields on their own. I know first-hand that they require deep expertise, dedication and lifelong learning if you want […]

Meeting DSPy SEO Programming Framework

Are you exhausted from constantly prompting engineering tasks? Do you find the process fragile and tiresome? Are you involved in creating workflows using language models? If so, you might be interested in DSPy. This blog post provides a gentle introduction to its core concepts. While building robust neuro-symbolic AI workflows, we’ll explore the synergy between […]