Top AI-Generated Advertising Campaigns from Famous Brands

Top AI-Generated Advertising Campaigns from Famous Brands

An either-or between creativity and data won’t work for any brand to stand out today. It needs both. 

Brands need their marketing campaigns to be relevant and frequent. And to keep up with both parameters in this digital wave, AI-generated advertising is undoubtedly a must. 

So much so that, 61.4% of marketers have already used that tech in their marketing activities – and which is no surprise, as AI marketing campaigns (or simply ads) will occupy more space in the coming days. Is it a boon or a bane for marketers?

That remains a topic for another article. Here, we dive into innovative AI ad campaigns and try to understand what makes them unique. However, if you’re already thinking of the hows, hold the thought for now, as it’s more important to first be clear on what AI-generated advertising is.

What is AI-Generated Advertising?

Let’s start with a description; AI-generated advertising uses artificial intelligence to create, personalize, and optimize advertising campaigns. It can be everything from creating any kind of ad copy and visuals to targeting the right audience at the right time.

Remember JACQUEMUS x Nike Concept by Marco Simonetti, which contains one of the most iconic AI-generated designs in modern times? 

And no need to say that AI-generated advertising is a new trend in the ad segment that leverages AI to create campaigns or video advertisements on text prompts. 

Beyond creating ad copies & designs, AI-generated advertising (marketing in more general terms) also has started to play a key role in determining customers’ needs & desires – even in the fast-food industry. As you may know, in recent months, Embracing the power of artificial intelligence, McDonald’s and Leo Burnett Thailand started a project to understand the essence of the perfect fried chicken. 

Their new-age approach began with ChatGPT, an AI adept at deciphering human desires. By posing the question, “What constitutes the ideal fried chicken experience?”, they received an accurate response which became the blueprint for their creation – McFried Chicken.

Credit: McDonalds, The Leo Burnett Group Thailand

That’s so clear that AI helps brands keep up with the innovativeness that the ad industry demands. So is this the future of advertising? Well, it may not solely be the future of advertising, but it certainly sets its foot for the long haul! 

Not to confuse, let’s take a look at the term AI marketing and check out a piece of AI advertising examples.

What is AI-Marketing? A Quick Look

Before jumping into the benefits of AI-generated ads, we invite you to discover the two terms, AI-marketing and AI-generated advertising. They are both part of the exciting world of using artificial intelligence to transform marketing, but they have slightly different scopes. 

In basic terms, AI marketing surrounds a wider range of marketing activities beyond just advertising. It uses AI to gain insights into customer behavior, personalize the customer journey, automate tasks, and optimize marketing campaigns across various channels. While the concept of AI in digital marketing is not new; creating AI-generated marketing campaigns is fresh, and many brands are hopping on the bandwagon, observing the innovative results it gives. 

Take Headspace, one of the apps dominating the wellness industry, as an example. 

Headspace, the popular meditation app, has taken advantage of artificial intelligence to bring personalization to a new level. As a part of its AI marketing efforts, the brand personalizes meditation and mindfulness exercises based on individual user preferences and progress, tailoring the experience for maximum benefit. We also know that the app has acquired an AI-powered wellness company, Sayana.  

On the other hand, AI-generated advertising primarily refers to creating and optimizing individual ad units – personalization. That includes generating ad copy, visuals, and even targeting parameters based on AI algorithms. 

Now that we know the role of AI in advertising, let’s look at its benefits. 

Benefits of AI in Advertisement 

AI marketing agencies are at the forefront of a significant shift in campaign planning, wielding the power of AI-generated marketing campaigns to drive unparalleled results. They’ll introduce you to a suite of benefits that make AI indispensable in modern advertising. With it, your campaigns are not just planned; they’re engineered to succeed through a deep understanding of consumer behavior.

This allows for targeting with surgical precision, ensuring that your message reaches the audience most likely to engage with your brand. Additionally, AI streamlines the entire advertising process, from bid to placement, maximizing efficiency and reducing the guesswork often associated with ad campaigns. The data-driven insights provided by AI mean your ad spend is not just an expense but a strategic investment, delivering tailored messages at the time when they’re most effective. 

This level of customization in advertising was once a lofty goal, but with AI, it’s today’s reality. The upshot? A smarter, cost-effective, and dynamic approach to capturing consumer attention in a crowded digital ecosystem.

  • Targets Ads Effectively 

Consider a billboard that dynamically adjusts its content based on the demographic of the passerby—this captures the fundamental role AI plays in digital advertising. Delving into the expanse of Big Data, AI discerns intricate consumer patterns: their clicks, purchases, and the optimal times they’re ready to engage. 

Utilizing this deep well of data, AI ensures that advertisements are strategically presented to the most receptive audiences at moments of peak interest. This refined targeting, fueled by AI marketing campaigns, is akin to a finely tuned dialogue with the market, ensuring your marketing investment is not merely a broadcast but a conversation with the right listeners.

  • Enhances Customer Satisfaction 

It’s like your customers have a buddy in the business who knows what they’re into. AI meticulously examines data from previous purchases, service interactions, and digital interactions to understand each customer’s unique preferences. With this insight, companies can craft tailored experiences—offering suggestions and promotions that resonate deeply with the customer’s individual needs and desires. 

This approach isn’t about the volume of ads; it’s about precision and personalization, ensuring that customers feel valued and seen, fostering satisfaction, and encouraging repeat business.

  • Increases Multichannel Engagement 

AI acts as an expert concierge for your brand, available across every digital platform your customers use, from smartphones to desktops. It ensures that the dialogue with your customers remains fluid and engaging across all channels. For brands, this equates to maintaining a consistent and captivating presence in every virtual space where customers congregate, seamlessly continuing conversations, and enhancing the customer experience at every touchpoint. 

This all-over approach guarantees that every interaction is not only relevant but also reinforces the customer’s connection with the brand.

Examples of AI-Generated Advertising Campaigns 

While AI and advertising are two different concepts, they complement each other well if brands use them correctly. To understand better, we’ll look at a few AI advertising examples from known brands.

Nike’s ‘By You’ Campaign 

Nike’s ‘By You’ campaign uses AI-powered personalization to enable customers to design shoes. Choosing the color fill for the design elements gives them total freedom to make their shoes. Users can click on Customize on Nike’s page and start creating the shoes they like! They can do so either online or in-store. All they need to do is choose a standard model and customize it. 

What Makes This Campaign Unique? 

This campaign allows users to design their shoes, making them feel cared for. Moreover, it drove considerable sales and consumer insights by diving into what makes a consumer tick and modifying future releases as per customer preferences. 

Calm App X Amazon Web Services

Another wellness app example powered by AI is Calm App

Instead of losing in vast content, including meditations, sleep stories, and nature sounds, Calm used Amazon and AI to help its users find what they needed most.

By teaming up with Amazon, Calm App implemented a powerful recommendation engine to analyze user data such as preferences, sleep patterns, and time of day to suggest personalized content. 

What Makes This Campaign Unique? 

It’s impressive to see how Calm leverages AI to enhance well-being. With tailored experiences that cater to each user’s unique needs, Calm is democratizing the practice of meditation and mindfulness and making it more accessible and impactful for people of all backgrounds.

Mint Mobile – ChatGPT Ad 

Back in September 2023, Ryan Reynolds, a well-known Hollywood star & the founder of Mint Mobile, teamed up with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write an ad script. It was totally new in the world of AI-generated advertising.

It was also a playful experiment to see if AI could generate effective advertising copy. The resulting script, while humorous, was considered “mildly terrifying” by some viewers due to its bizarre and nonsensical nature. It wasn’t used for an actual Mint Mobile campaign but served as a fun exploration of AI’s potential in creative writing.



Credit: Mint Mobile YouTube

What Sets This Campaign Apart?

Both instances of ChatGPT writing a Mint Mobile ad were more about generating buzz and showcasing the possibilities of AI technology than creating a real marketing campaign. However, they did shed light on the challenges and ethical considerations involved in using AI for creative tasks.

Cybercom Group’s Commercial by AI 

Cybercom Group, an information technology consulting company based in Sweden, let AI tell its story in a video titled “Commercial by AI.” 

The company founded in 1995, teamed up with data scientist Antti Hahto and created a unique clip by feeding the AI tons of Cybercom videos. They got a unique look at Cybercom through the AI’s eyes.

Why Is It Important?

Cybercom Group’s AI-generated ad isn’t a mere & typical corporate propaganda. This is AI unplugged, channeling its unique interpretation of Cybercom’s vibrant culture and cutting-edge expertise. It is also the answer to “What kind of commercial would an AI create for an IT company?”

Virgin Voyages X Deeplocal

Virgin Voyages, VMLY&R, and AI startup Deeplocal teamed up back in July to create “Jen AI,” a revolutionary marketing campaign starring Jennifer Lopez. 

This innovative ad leveraged AI to generate bespoke cruise invitations for each consumer, seamlessly blending celebrity magnetism with cutting-edge technology. In doing so, Virgin Voyages redefined the boundaries of personalized marketing, leaving competitors in its wake.

What Makes This Ad Unique? 

The combination of AI personalization, celebrity appeal (JLo), and high technology creates a highly memorable experience for potential buyers/voyagers. It’s not just an ad; it’s an interactive opportunity to imagine oneself on a customized Virgin Voyages cruise.

World Wide Fund for Nature’s Annual #WORLDWITHOUTNATURE campaign

AI helps majorly with the data. However, this sentence doesn’t entirely hold true. AI also allows brands to convey a strong message if they merge a global need with AI’s power, which is what WWF did. The AI/CC Creative Community collaborated with Brave Bison, a social and digital media company, to coincide with their annual #WorldWithoutNature campaign, which asks companies to remove wildlife from their branding. 

Diverse creators within the CC Creative Community were encouraged to use AI tools to imagine what the world would look like without wildlife. 

Through the campaign, WWF highlights the rampant loss of biodiversity in the world and encourages people to protect and appreciate the environment.


What Makes This Campaign a Huge Success? 

Looking at these images displaying desolate landscapes and people wearing masks fills you with a sense of guilt and spikes fear at the same time–compelling you to care for our planet or at least start to think of ways to do so. Many well-known brands participated in this movement, including FoodPanda, Earth Hour, and many more, fueling the virality. 

So using AI to convey the significance of sustainability by making them think of a major negative consequence goes a long way in creating brand awareness while also making users aware of a larger picture. 

How cool would it be to make your own Nike shoes?  Even the thought makes you all jittery, right? Well, that’s the power of AI in advertising!

BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé

Imagine this: an elite BMW that glides by, stealing the spotlight, but it’s not just the car that’s turning heads—it’s the spectacular, AI-designed artwork cascading over its sleek curves. BMW’s 8 Series Gran Coupé didn’t just roll out; it rolled out the red carpet for itself.

What Sets This Campaign Apart?

BMW didn’t just stick to high-tech inside the car; they splashed it on the outside, turning their Gran Coupé into a roving piece of modern art. The AI-generated marketing campaigns weren’t just patterns; they were stories being told in light and shadow, turning every car into a narrative of luxury that was impossible to ignore.


Now let’s whisper about something a tad more sensual. Cosabella, the maestro of delicate lace and sumptuous silk, decided to get personal—real personal. With AI, they crafted ad campaigns that are like your best friend who knows exactly what you want to hear.

The ad video below is crafted based on’s suggestions for compelling Facebook ad imagery:

This strategic approach has led to a remarkable increase in ROAS, over 500% within the first month alone.

What Differentiates This Campaign?

Cosabella’s AI isn’t just smart; it’s the Cyrano to your Roxane, crafting ad copy that feels like love letters tailored to your every curve and contour. Every campaign feels like it’s Cosabella’s secret conversation with you, full of flirty winks that say, “I know what you like.”

Cadbury ‘Shah Rukh Khan-My-Ad’

Shah Rukh Khan-My-Ad, a collaboration between Cadbury Celebrations, Ogilvy India, and Wavemaker Mumbai, is truly a game-changer in personalized advertising. 


Credit: Cadbury, Ogilvy

Using machine learning and data analysis, the campaign created hyper-personalized video ads featuring Shah Rukh Khan, a well-known Bollywood star. Moreover, each ad featured the specific store name & location, making it feel like a personal message. The ads were served to viewers based on their proximity to the featured store, ensuring maximum relevance.

What Makes This Ad Unique? 

The ad actually redefined personalized advertising. It also was a huge success, boosting sales for local stores and earning Cadbury Celebrations much goodwill. What’s more, the ad received numerous accolades, including Graphite Pencils at the D&AD Awards and a Shortlist at the Cannes Lions.

Understanding the Mechanisms Behind AI-Generated Advertising

Experiencing the world of AI-generated advertising reveals a combination of understanding statistics and leveraging imagination. 

To comprehend why this is not only efficient but also truly revolutionary, let us first eliminate the mystique surrounding the numerous aspects of using AI for generating ads.

They can wade through oceans of data, unearth patterns invisible to the human eye, and predict consumer behaviors with astonishing accuracy. This is the pinnacle of data-driven insight, made possible by AI’s unmatched processing power.

The intelligence of AI isn’t static; it’s dynamic, learning from each interaction. It is like evolution but at hyperspeed. This is a big moment for machine learning, as computers are enabled to learn from data and develop their understanding without the need for direct human intervention through statistical wizardry. It’s similar to having a marketing expert who is always improving tactics to make every campaign more effective than the last.

Creativity, too, doesn’t take a back seat. AI injects a fresh dose of innovation into the creative process. Generative algorithms act as tireless muses, offering various design options specialized for optimum psychological and visual effectiveness. These aren’t random shots in the dark but calculated creative choices derived from data and optimized for engagement.

In a nutshell, AI-generated advertising is an intricate ballet of data analysis, machine learning, and creative generation. It’s a powerhouse to be faced with behind the scenes, organizing impactful and individualized efforts. It’s the fine art of marketing, transformed by AI into a science of precision and innovation.

How Does AI Revolutionize Ad Copy and Design Creativity?

Step into the avant-garde studio where AI is the artist, and you’ll find a landscape teeming with creativity redefined. The revolution AI has brought to ad copy and design isn’t just a wave—it’s a digital tsunami reshaping the shores of the advertising world.

With ad copy, AI is like a linguist mixed with a psychologist, as it understands both language structures and consumer psychology. By analyzing successful ad campaigns, AI can pinpoint what makes copy resonate with audiences. 

AI crafts messages that are not only grammatically sleek but also emotionally charged, designed to strike a chord with the reader when the correct prompts are provided to AI and meticulous editing is done on AI-generated outcomes.

In the design arena, AI is the disruptor we didn’t know we needed. Remember those times when creating a design meant endless hours of work? With just a small amount of input, it can produce an endless variety of designs, providing a visual feast that may take days to create by hand. Not only are the designs varied, but they have also grown as a result of an in-depth understanding of the small details that draw in customers.

AI’s ability to test and learn means each iteration is more refined. For ad design, this means color palettes, typography, and imagery that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but psychologically compelling. AI is a meticulous artist who knows which brush stroke will make you stop and stare.

Last Words 

In this exploration of AI-generated advertising, we’ve uncovered its potential to revolutionize how brands engage with their audiences, offering personalized, efficient, and creative campaigns at scale. 

Embrace this technology as a powerful tool to enhance, not replace, the human touch in your marketing efforts. Employ it to make informed, data-driven, and timely decisions, always keeping the consumer experience at the forefront. By doing so, your brand is set to not just succeed but to truly stand out in the bustling digital marketplace.

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